Can Hearts split the Old Firm?


8 Responses to Can Hearts split the Old Firm?

  1. Calvin Berry says:

    Hearts will run the Old Firm close and are only a couple of points behind rangers albeit two games behind. However i do not think Hearts are strong enought or consistent enough to split the Old firm yet. They drop too many points in games they should win.

  2. derek lawler says:

    yes i think we can split the old firm. We have to meet each other again this season. Hearts & celtic at Ibrox, celtic come to tynie. So its going to be difficult but. YES WE CAN

  3. derek lawler says:

    yes we can split the old firm. Celtic have league won but hearts are now 13-1-2 in last 16 thats 40pts. Says it all really

  4. steakheed says:

    Nice to see a Jam Tart with belief. Main factor could be a Rangers run in the Europa League.

  5. I can’t see Hearts doing it this year unless Rangers (or Celtic but less likely) go on a really bad run.

    Having said that, Hearts have been great for the SPL this season. They’ve lasted well past New Year and are one of the few teams in recent years who actually believe they can take on the Old Firm.

  6. derek lawler says:

    so far so good, for us jambos. Thinking after the split. We will prob have. Rangers a celtic h killie h dundee u or st johnstone a and motherwell a or h depending how the computer ‘fixes’ the fixtures. Our record away ir 9-0-2(celtic & rangers) So i’m optomistic about the challenge.

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